Behind the Scenes with Our Member Support Team

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At Membersy, we believe that the backbone of a successful service is its support team. This month, we're turning the spotlight on our Member Support Team, the folks who work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that our members have exceptional experiences. 

Our support team goes beyond just answering calls; they are committed to ensuring each member feels fully supported and valued throughout their journey with us. Whether it’s assisting with plan details, handling enrollments, or providing personalized support, they are always ready to help. Last year alone, they saved our partner offices a staggering 5,856 hours – or 244 days – of time on the phones. 

From heartwarming stories to professional growth tips, let’s dive into insights and reflections from our incredible support team:

Member Support Feature - Jorge

Do you have any advice for new customer support representatives?

-Be knowledgeable: Familiarize yourself with the membership plan details. This will enable you to provide accurate information and solutions to customer queries more efficiently. There are many benefits that our members don’t know about, and the more you have this knowledge, the easier the calls will be.

-Empathize with customers: Show empathy towards customers' frustrations or challenges. Let them know that you understand their situation and are committed to helping them resolve it. Take ownership of the call and see it through to resolution. Let them know they are the reason you are here to help. Be proactive in finding solutions.

-Listen attentively: When interacting with customers, listen carefully to their concerns without interrupting. Understanding their problem thoroughly is the first step towards providing a satisfactory solution.

How do you talk about the value of a membership plan and how do you present it to members who don’t know what it is? 

In discussing the value of a membership plan, I typically begin by highlighting the exceptional benefits available to our members. While many plans share common features, some offer unique advantages tailored to specific needs. During our conversation, I prioritize explaining the benefits that align most closely with the member’s needs.

Membership plans offer remarkable convenience, as they can often be utilized at numerous locations, including those outside your home state for travelers. I add that there's no waiting period upon enrollment, enabling immediate access to savings.

What I particularly appreciate about membership plans are their inclusivity. We don't discriminate or cherry-pick who we assist. Anyone can qualify for membership, regardless of background or circumstance, which broadens the scope of our impact even further.

Therefore, if you know anyone who has been hesitant to seek dental care due to financial concerns, do encourage them to explore the benefits of a dental membership plan. 

Member Support Feature - Jess

What is your go-to resource for professional development? 

I've been really loving the podcast called "Beyond the Queue" - HIGHLY recommend to understand the landscape of different support departments and how to scale support teams, make support departments a place to thrive and succeed and why we are SO important and powerful.

Do you have any advice for new customer support representatives?

Your voice truly matters. You are on the front line of the company and you have the power to level up the department and the entire company by flagging issues and concerns related to a customer's experience. Support people are some of the most kind, empathetic people because we love to help others and we need to be our own cheerleaders to be the voice of our customers within the entire company. You have way more power than you think you do! Use it!

Member Support Feature - Carlos

Do you have any advice for new customer support representatives? 

Always ask for knowledge, insight, and how you can help.

Do you have a specific approach or philosophy to support? 

Respond, don't react.

Member Support Feature - LaPrecious

What’s your most memorable support experience? 

​My most memorable moment was right before Christmas. I had a member who was now able to afford getting dentures due to having one of our membership plans. She said she hadn’t smiled in over 13 years, but because of our plan she is going to be able to smile. I literally had to take a moment because I started crying; we are able to provide something that a lot of people take for granted.

What’s your favorite piece of feedback from a member about their membership plan or the experience they had with our support team?

I had a member say that he wanted to find a dentist office that worked with our company because of the quality service that I provided to him. He told me that my professionalism and patience made him feel important, And he greatly appreciated that. 

Member Support Feature - Alma

What is your go-to resource for professional development?

Podcasts and TED talks have been my more recent way to keep developing my skills as a customer support and future leader; there are so many great ones. Some I have enjoyed include Simon Sinek on How Great Leaders Inspire Action and Celeste Headlee on 10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

What’s your favorite part of being on Membersy’s support team? 

When members express gratitude for a plan that is available to them because it is the difference between them being able to receive the treatment or not. Most members are able to save so much, especially when they’re getting treatment every 3 to 6 months. It's heartening to know that our savings are making a tangible difference, particularly amidst the economic challenges many are facing today, such as job losses and soaring dental costs. Knowing that we alleviate some of these burdens is really rewarding.

Member Support Feature - Letty

What’s your most memorable support experience? 

Anytime a member can make me smile or make me laugh is a great feeling and can sometimes turn my whole day around. On my very first call one morning, a lady said to me, “You’re such a peach!” Another call that really stuck with me after assisting a member was an elderly man telling me, “I hope you have a beautiful life and keep smiling.” 

Do you have any advice for new customer support representatives?

Always prioritize empathy and patience.I believe having patience will help you get through even the most difficult calls with ease. Also, familiarizing yourself with our plans right off the back will help you feel confident in calls and provide accurate information!

It's clear that our support team’s dedication goes far beyond the basics of customer service. Our support specialists are more than just voices on the phone—they are crucial ambassadors of the Membersy brand, embodying our values and mission in every interaction. Their efforts not only enhance our members' experiences but also contribute significantly to the success of our partner offices.

We hope these insights inspire and remind everyone of the critical role our support team plays. Thank you to our Member Support Team for your dedication and to our members for trusting us to be part of your care. Together, we continue to make dental health accessible and affordable for all.

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