Dental Membership Plan Pricing, Explained

Dental membership plans can help practices grow their recurring revenue while improving access to affordable dental care for patients. One of the biggest advantages of offering a dental membership plan is the ability to set your own prices and collect 100% of the services rendered. However, pricing your membership plan can be a complex task. 

Setting the right price can often be the difference between nominal growth and a big lift in your bottom line. There’s a lot to consider. For example, membership plan fees that are too high may pose a barrier to patients enrolling. On the other hand, fees that are too low may not cover your practice’s costs.

Luckily, Membersy has helped over 5,000 practices nationwide design a membership plan that meets the needs of both the practice and its patients. We’re sharing our top tips in our ebook, "The Principles of Plan Pricing: Your Guide to Membership Plan Success.” 

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This essential resource will cover what you need to know, including:

  • The six key factors to consider when pricing a membership plan
  • Common plan pricing strategies
  • How to strike the right balance for your practice and your patients

If you are considering implementing a membership plan or looking to improve an existing one, be sure to download the ebook today