Employee Spotlight: Eddie Muller, DevOps Engineer

Here at Membersy, we understand that our industry-leading dental subscription management and billing platform would be nothing without our incredible employees. Each month, we nominate one of our talented employees who have worked tirelessly to build Membersy from a small startup in 2015 to the company it is today. This month, our employee under the spotlight is Eddie Muller, DevOps Engineer.
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Q: How long have you been with Membersy? / How has the company changed since you’ve been here? 

A: September 19th, 2022. There have been a lot of new faces that have joined the engineering team. Every day we are getting a little bit more resilient and faster as everyone gets their footing. 


Q: What does your typical day look like? 

A: I typically have a day sketched out in my head, but by 8:15 there’s a good chance everything changes, haha! But in general everything falls in the realm of: helping out the engineering team to achieve their goals, monitoring application and server performance so customers can get the best experience, writing / editing pipelines to speed up processes, and documentation of things that have been done or need to be done.  


Q: How does your role impact customers on a daily basis? 

A: We are an online company; I make sure the ‘online’ stays that way. Behind the scenes, I make sure the customer’s data is safe and content is delivered without a hitch.


Q: What is your favorite part about working for Membersy? 

A: The Bevy machine by far. Second to that is being able to work from home. Unfortunately I can’t get a Bevy machine for my house. 


Q: What is a fact that would surprise your coworkers?

A: I grew up in Saudi Arabia and have a Masters of Music in trombone performance. 


Q: What drew you to Membersy originally? 

A: At my last job I was the Director of Development and Technology for almost 10 years, and felt things were getting too easy. I wanted to hone my skills in something more technical and have a more specialized skill set in a challenging environment. 


Q: What's the most exciting project or achievement you've been involved in at work?

A: Building new software almost from scratch with the team. Greenfield projects are always exciting, and a little stressful, because you can make huge decisions early on that casts the direction of the company in the future.  


Q: What’s the most interesting or unique hobby you’ve had outside of work? 

A: I play music every weekend! It’s great because I sit by myself behind a computer screen on the weekdays and get to talk with and meet new people on the weekend.


Q: What is something that’s on your bucket list? 

A: Visit all 7 continents. Australia, South America, and Antarctica are still on the list. 


Q: Who were your top artists on Spotify this year? 

A: Too Many Zooz, Ott, deadmau5, Meshuggah, Marc Rebillet 


Q: What's the best piece of advice you've ever received?

A: You don’t get to choose it, but you have to play the hand you’re dealt. 


Q: What's your go-to karaoke song and why?

A: Mr. Brightside…. Because I sing it every weekend!

 Thank you for all that you do for us, Eddie!