Freelancers Don’t Have to Forgo Quality Dental Care

For millions of people, the traditional employer-subsidized health insurance model is no longer tenable. 

For starters, more than twelve million Americans lost access to their employer-sponsored health insurance during the recent pandemic, creating an urgent need for alternative gateways to affordable healthcare opportunities. 

Meanwhile, the number of gig and contract workers reached a record high in 2021, collectively accounting for more than a third of American workers. While gig work comes with a plethora of perks, lack of access to employer-subsidized health care creates challenges for many workers. According to Business Insider, 35 percent of freelancers choose to forgo health insurance because of cost, passing on routine checkups, dental visits, and other wellness benefits that are out of reach for the uninsured.

The consequences can be devastating for people’s oral health. People without secure dental benefits are more likely to have dentures or undergo extractions, and they’re less likely to seek support for gum disease and other oral health maladies. In addition, lack of dental benefits is linked to increased heart disease and diabetes, reflecting the holistic health implications of inadequate healthcare coverage. 

Subscription-based dental services and health plans offer a compelling alternative for freelancers, gig workers, and contracted employees operating outside of the employer-subsidized health care apparatus, allowing them to foster direct relationships with their care providers that improve across the board outcomes. 

What is a Subscription-based Dental Plan? 

Subscription-based health care creates a personal relationship between patients and providers by offering membership plans that make dental care services more approachable. Membership democratizes access to quality dental care through subscription-based dentistry that allows patients to purchase an annual subscription with unique perks and services that are right for the patient and the practice. 

This revolutionizes the way consumers access and pay for quality dental care services, effectively reclaiming the narrative from large insurance companies and providing unique pricing transparency, allowing dental service organizations (DSOs) to treat their patients like members, not numbers. 

Everyone wants to feel like they belong. Freelancers, gig workers, and contract employees often operate autonomously, enjoying the perks of the untethered lifestyle but missing the loyalty and relationships offered by more traditional employees. Membership creates the connection, forging unique relationships between DSOs and consumers predicated on mutual commitment, not a one-time transaction. 

Membership programs powered by subscription-based payment options facilitate unique personal and financial connections between DSOs and consumers, creating two-way loyalty that lasts. For freelancers, gig workers, and contract employees, the benefits are multifaceted. 

The Perks of Membership 

Freelancers and non-affiliated professionals need a healthcare plan that works for them. Membership offers several benefits that are uniquely helpful for people working without the help of employer-subsidized healthcare. 

#1 Flexible Cost Structures 

Traditional dental insurance erodes practices’ profitability, forcing many to charge higher prices to maintain operational viability. In contrast, membership plans and subscription-based payment structures reduce overhead and resource drain, allowing practices to offer more flexible pricing so freelancers can choose a membership that works for their budget. 

#2 Pricing Transparency 

Membership plans provide unparalleled insights into procedure costs, offering people peace of mind, knowing that their hard-earned money is enhancing their oral and holistic health and wellness without gauging their bank accounts. 

#3 Personalized Experience 

Membership plans are accompanied by a mobile-first platform that provides real-time alerts, timely notifications, and 24/7 access to your dental benefits. In addition, member dashboards provide easy access to dental care opportunities, self-scheduling, communication features, and live chat functionality. 

#4 Loyalty that Lasts 

Membership plans and subscription-based payment models create loyalty that lasts. With a membership plan, there is no more switching DSOs when you change jobs or finding a new provider when your company implements a new plan. Membership plans facilitate a direct relationship between DSOs and consumers, creating continuity of care, enhancing long-term treatment opportunities, and improving dental health outcomes.  

High-Quality Dental Care is Attainable 

The increasingly popular gig economy can empower workers, enabling people to craft the life they want to live. Too often, this choice requires compromise when it comes to healthcare benefits. No longer. 

Membership plans powered by subscription-based billing make high-quality dental care accessible to everyone. To learn more, visit