Our Marketing & Design Team Shares their Favorite Resources and Tools

In the ever-evolving fields of marketing and design, staying ahead of the curve is not just beneficial – it's essential. With an abundance of tools, resources, and communities available, navigating through them to find the ones that truly make a difference can be a daunting task. That’s why Membersy’s Marketing and Creative Team rounded up their favorite marketing and design tools to bring other dental marketing professionals the top resources, tools, and platforms that we personally use and love. From insightful podcasts to innovative social media tools, enjoy our marketing team's top picks. 

Test Janelle

Janelle's Recommendation: How I Built This with Guy Raz [Podcast]

Why: Almost everyone can make the time to listen to a podcast, and for me, this one helps open new doors for creative thinking.

Recommended for: There is something for everyone in this podcast as you get perspectives from different types of business leaders spanning across different types of industries. For marketing leaders specifically, I think it’s so important to seek out trends, inspiration, and ideas from outside your own industry. While it’s not necessarily marketing specific content, it’s great to hear business leaders tell their stories from the ground up and it always inspires me to think a little differently. 

Really into podcasts? My runner- up recommendation: The Circuit Breaker with Bob Moesta and Greg Engle.   

Test Ashton

Ashton's Recommendation: Behance [Website/Online Community]

Why: Staying ahead of design trends and fostering connections with fellow creators is imperative to maintaining a strong creative skill set in the ever-changing design landscape. 

Recommended for: Behance could almost be considered the “LinkedIn” for creators and designers. It is a visual-based site that allows creators to showcase their work, receive feedback in real-time, apply for jobs, discover inspiration, and share insights while connecting with other creators across various design fields. 

Test Sonya

Sonya's Recommendation: Figma's Blog – Shortcut [Blog]

Why: In the constantly changing world of digital design, staying up to date on the latest tools, trends, and techniques is crucial for success. Figma's Blog, Shortcut, is an invaluable resource for this very purpose. It not only provides insights into Figma's own updates and features but also delves into broader topics around design thinking, collaboration, and efficiency in the digital space. It's filled with actionable advice, tips, and tutorials that can be directly applied to your projects. Whether you're looking to refine your design skills, enhance your team's collaboration, or just find inspiration for your next project, Shortcut offers a treasure trove of information directly from one of the leading tools in the design industry.

Recommended for: Figma's Blog is ideal for UI/UX designers, product managers, and anyone in the digital design sphere. It's especially valuable for teams using Figma, offering updates and tips for maximizing the tool. It also provides insights on design, technology, business, and user experience, making it a great resource for all creative professionals.

Test Paige (3)

Paiges' Recommendation: Agorapulse [Social Media Tool]

Why: The effective use of social media can help keep a brand top of mind — but, it can take a lot of time to do it well. A scheduling tool allows you to keep tabs on all of your accounts and make the best use of your content creation and scheduling time.

Recommended for: Whether you’re a marketing generalist or a dedicated digital marketing manager, Agorapulse is perfect for anyone who wants to streamline their social media presence. You’re able to publish to multiple accounts at once and monitor engagement across platforms. Plus, there’s even a new AI-assisted writing assistant feature to cut down the time it takes you to write engaging captions.

Test Harper

Harper's Recommendation: Brush Up by Creative Market [Blog/Newsletter]

Why: Creative Market’s newsletter is always a welcome sight in my inbox. They have spent over 10 years contributing to the online creative community, and it shows! Their blog content speaks to a wide variety of design mediums and skill levels. There’s something valuable for everyone. Plus, Creative Market shares high-quality design assets to download for free every month. 

Recommended for: Creatives who are looking for new perspectives, trends, tutorials, free resources, or intriguing interviews could enjoy Creative Market’s blog and newsletter. No matter your connection to creativity, there’s plenty to learn about and dive deeper into in their library.

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