Transforming Access to Care: The Rodeo Roundup Plan in Partnership with Membersy

Rodeo Dental & Orthodontics, a 43 location organization, was founded on the belief that everyone deserves access to high-end dental care regardless of means, status, or location, with the mission to Give Every Family the KEY to Access High-End Dental Care.

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“In the pursuit of our mission, we realized the transformative power of a dental membership plan and its ability to unlock the doors to affordable and comprehensive dental services for all,” said Dr. Saam Zarrabi, CEO and Co-Founder of Rodeo Dental. “With our new Rodeo Roundup Plan, powered by Membersy, we are able to provide families the key to their oral health, granting them the freedom to prioritize preventive care, access top-tier treatments, and maintain vibrant smiles for generations to come."


Building the Foundation for the Rodeo Roundup Plan

Before partnering with Membersy, Rodeo Dental had rolled out an in-house membership plan that ultimately didn’t obtain the outcomes that Rodeo had anticipated. Rodeo is not alone in experiencing challenges of managing an internally administered membership plan.

“We’ve seen many organizations struggle with internal administration of their membership plan,” said Michael Shuman, CEO of Membersy. “Some of the most common obstacles include consistent rollout and adoption across all practices within a DSO, access to an efficient payment and membership enrollment system, and maintaining regulatory compliance.”

Because of some of these challenges, Rodeo was looking for the right partner that had a good track record of rolling out successful plans, and Membersy filled that need. During the implementation and onboarding process, Rodeo was able to lean on Membersy’s experience and guidance throughout the launch of the membership plan that will enable a consistent brand across all locations, and provide streamlined admin support and tools that relieve the burden of any additional stress for their staff.

“With the power of streamlined software to manage member enrollments and the ability to stay on top of performance, our team is equipped to simplify admin tasks, elevate efficiency, and enhance our ability to deliver exceptional care,” said Dr. Zarrabi. “Coupling the technology platform with the dedicated service support from the Membersy team, we are empowering all of our Rodeo locations to focus on what truly matters - the well-being of our patients.” 


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Pursuing Stronger Outcomes

Rodeo’s goals for the Roundup Plan include growing their new patient base from the opportunity to provide more affordable care to patients who have been foregoing dental care due to high costs. On top of growing their patient base, they hope to increase their case acceptance rates among active patients who may not have been able to commit to all recommended treatments without the benefits of the membership plan. 

In a recent survey, Membersy found that 68% of members agree that they visit the dentist more frequently, and 85% of members are more satisfied with their overall dental experience since joining their dental membership plan. Both of these support overall patient retention for organizations offering membership plans as an option for their patients.


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