Stronger Together: Kleer and Membersy Announce Merger

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We're excited to announce that Charlesbank Capital Partners has acquired and merged Kleer and Membersy, the dental industry's two largest membership plan administrators. 

Founded in 2017 and 2015, respectively, Kleer and Membersy provide DSOs and dental practices with the vital tools needed to build and grow a successful dental membership program, including: 

  • Expert strategy and support from tailored plan design to office education, member support, marketing, and beyond. 
  • Integrated software that helps save time, connect key metrics, and grow your plan.
  • Regulatory compliance so you can rest assured your meeting the necessary requirements.

As established leaders in the dental membership space, Kleer and Membersy support over 20,000 dentists and millions of patients, covering the entire spectrum of care from independent practices to the largest DSOs in the country.

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Moving forward as one, Kleer and Membersy will continue to fulfill their mission to deliver a membership payer model that both patients and providers love, enabling patients to gain access to high quality, affordable care and practices to increase patient engagement, improve practice performance, and take control of payer strategy. 

"We are thrilled to announce the merger of Kleer and Membersy," said Mayur Desai, Managing Director at Charlesbank. "Both companies have achieved exceptional market share and growth, bringing a new subscription-based care paradigm to the dental market, improving dental practice performance. By bringing these companies together, we will enhance their ability to serve dental practices and patients nationwide."

Leveraging their complementary strengths and industry expertise, Kleer and Membersy will continue to create value for DSOs, practices, and patients. Stronger together, Kleer and Membersy will continue expanding access to care for all uninsured Americans, including more that 68.5 million adults without dental insurance. 

"It is very exciting to see our mission to improve patient access to care brought to a new level with this merger," said Dave Monahan, Kleer's CEO. "Kleer and Membersy have led the charge establishing a new business model in dentistry that works better for patients and dental practices alike. I couldn't be happier working with the Membersy team and Charlesbank to accelerate investment and create value to dental practices at an unprecedented scale."

In the newly formed organization, Monahan will be CEO at Kleer and Membersy, while Shuman will move into the role of Chief Partnerships Officer. 

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