What to Look For in a Membership Plan Software Solution

It’s no secret that dental membership plans are the key to growing revenue and providing an accessible option for uninsured patients. Many software solutions promise to make it easy to unlock that growth through their platform. But, what should teams really look for in a membership plan solution? There are four important functions a quality solution will serve to help your team reach your revenue and patient satisfaction goals.

Membership insights at a glance

The right tool should easily surface your most important membership information. For DSOs and larger practices, it’s important to keep a pulse on office-level enrollment and renewal trends over a configurable time range. At the office level, teams should be able to quickly see how many new members are associated with their location, which are expiring or have expired, and which are coming up for renewal.

While it’s important to see these numbers in totals, also look for a solution that makes it easy to pull a filtered list of members within that criteria.

A simplified front desk workflow

For front desk teams, juggling multiple responsibilities is an everyday feat. The right dental membership plan solution shouldn’t add more to their already full plates. Instead, it should streamline the process, with a simple and user-friendly interface. 

It should be quick and easy to enroll new members, especially for those who haven't signed up online before their appointment. The search functionality must allow teams to quickly find existing members and their dependents with a variety of data points. The ideal solution will also surface uninsured patients in the schedule who may benefit from their membership. In short, the right solution will empower front desk teams to navigate their daily tasks with efficiency and focus, ensuring that managing memberships are a stress-free aspect of their roles.

A seamless payment and renewal process

One of the biggest challenges practices face when managing their own in-house plan is the renewal process. Membership plans are a prime way to increase patient loyalty, and a simple renewal process can improve the experience for members and front-desk teams alike. Look for a solution that automates the renewal process, providing members with an option to turn off the auto-renewal if they should choose. Platforms that allow members to store multiple payment methods also make this renewal process even more efficient.

A membership solution that goes beyond software

Successful membership plans require a quality, dedicated software solution. However, membership plan administration goes beyond software, too. While software is an important piece of the puzzle, the right expertise and support are also critical factors that should complement the platform. Practices need the know-how to design the right plan structure, expertise (and licensure) to ensure compliance, creative direction to establish a plan brand and webpage, a dedicated member support team to reduce strain on front-line office staff — and more. The right software is built with these facets in mind and works in tandem with them.

The good news? With Membersy, you don’t have to choose between a quality membership software and the support and services successful plans need. 

Our experienced team will guide you through every step of the membership process, from plan design and implementation to growth and goal attainment. If you’re ready to start your journey to membership plan success, book a consultation with Membersy today.